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Trains Numbering

Odd and even railway directions

Railway track gives a train an opportunity to move just in two directions: forward and backward. One directions is considered to be "odd" while the opposite direction is considered to be "even".

Traditionally trains go odd direction if they move to the South and to the West, even trains move to the East and to the North. But in fact this is not a strict rule.

If the train changes it's direction of movement at railway junctions (for example goes to the other line) its number is changed.

For example if the train No 609 goes from the East to the North via railway junction shown in the picture it changes number to 610 and vise versa. Trains going direct and opposite direction are called "train pair" and their numbers are written with slash, for example 609/610.

Train numbers

Each train type can have number from strictly defined ranges, so we can determine train type from its number.

Passenger trains

Numbers rangeTrain type
1-148Fast trains irrelevant of period of cruising
181 - 298
151 - 168High-speed trains irrelevant of period of cruising
171 - 178Accelerated passenger trains
301 - 398Perennial passenger trains
401 - 498Seasonal passenger trains
501 - 598Once-only passenger trains
601 - 698Local passenger trains
701 - 748Service trains
751 - 798Tourist trains
901 - 948Post-baggage trains
951 - 968Freight-passenger trains
971 - 998"Human" trains (train consisting of freight cars to transport people)
Accelerated electric multiple-unit and diesel multiple-unit local trains
801-848extra comfortable
858-898without additional services
6001 - 6998Suburban trains

Freight trains

Accelerated freight trains

Numbers rangeTrain type
1001 - 1098Refrigerator trains
1101 - 1128Trains for milk transportation
1131 - 1198Trains consisting of empty cars not longer than 350 axis hauled by one locomotive in head
1201 - 1298Container trains
1301 - 1398Contrailer trains
1501 - 1518Trains for fowl shipping
1519 - 1598Rail operator companies trains
1601-1698Trains for shipping coal, fertilizer, ore on closed routes
1701-1798Trains for shipping liquid cargos

Please note: this list is incomplete and will be updated soon.

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