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Passenger train ticket

Let's have a look at Belarusian railway quick domestic train ticket.

Express-3 BC railway ticket

A passenger doesn't need all the information written in ticket, but some fields are important. So I've cut the ticket line by line to explain its meaning. I've put the description of important lines below them.

Express-3 BC railway ticket fields explanation

The first line contains important information about the train number (141), departure date and time (October, 26 at 22:52), car number and type (car No. 9, type K -compartment).

The information about passenger route: station names in Russian and their codes is written in the second line (Minsk - Brest route in this example).

Seats numbers are put in the third line. Here seat number is 28. Just one seat number because the ticket is for one person.

Total ticket price in national currency is written in the fifth line (45060 BYR = $ 5.2). Not all the train tickets are cheap as this one.

And the last line keeps information about train arrival (October, 27 at 8.45 - an overnight trip).

International tickets inside the CIS look similar, but they contain a line with a passenger passport data.

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